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Rear View
Notes: Almost no finish left. All natural wear & tear---no fake wear and tear like SOME bass players I've known! (I'll tell no names!)
Fender P-Bass "The Wife"

SN: ??

Notes: Here it is - the bass I started on. It was featured in a Guitar World magazine a few years ago as a centerfold. I guess I could say my wife was a centerfold now! I've played literally THOUSANDS of shows on this bass, from the very first gig ever in 1971, to it's retirement in the late 80's. All the modifications I did on it were pretty much "Hotel Room" mods - in that they were a hack job done with improper tools! I added the Gibson EBO style Humbucker neck position pick-up and separate output jack for it in my Moms living room in '72 (she had to vacuum up the wood chips!) I put a Telecaster Bass neck on it in the 70's because I saw a photo of Tim Bogert with one on his bass. I found out later it wasn't a Tele neck, but I loved the huge thick chunk of wood that Tele necks are known for (It's a '68 neck). I added the hipshot D-Tuner the moment they became available (early 80's), and I scalloped the upper frets on the Yngwie tour of '85 (Talas was the opening act). This bass spent so much time with me I began to refer to her as "My wife". I retired her due to too much wear and tear and started playing my Yamaha's full time ever since. The only original parts left on this bass are the body, some of the pick-guard and the ground wire. We've incorporated all the modifications and more onto the new Yamaha basses -done in the proper way of course! I still love this bass and take her out to play once in a while. The wood is still salty from all the sweat! Ugh! I love her anyway.

Close up
Notes: You can see all I had to do to keep the input jacks from tearing out. Note the scalloping on neck.

Rear Headstock
Notes: The Hipshot D-tuner. Can't live without it.
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