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We had Keanu Reeves and his band Dog Star play on the Mr Big Influences & Connections CD! Here, I give Keanu a my new design Yamaha BEX bass as a token of our appreciation. The Matrix was opening in LA the next night, so his schedule was pretty jammed! This knob here! At Richie Kotzen's studio explaining the bass controls. The electronics are active AND passive
You're absolutely welcome, Keanu! What a great guy. He played bass on a version of "Shine" for the CD. Sounded awesome too! Thanks to Dog Star vocalist Bret Domrose for a great vocal on the track. More Spooky.
Gary Cherone (Extreme/Van Halen) Myself & Doug Pinnick (Kings X) at the NAMM show. Spooky ready to jump --
I recovered from the blood loss!
Me & Steve WAY back in '86. On the cover of now defunct "Rock Scene" magazine. Still shots from the video for "Caroline" - from my Compression CD. The big secret was -- the girl was completely naked the whole time. We used camera angles to obscure any naughty parts. Special thanks to GARY MEEKER -- awesome videography & editing.
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